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Patient Reviews

Satisfied patients share their experience at Action Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Clinic


I was in pain and feeling a little fragile. My first visit was healing and reassuring. I have recently moved to Edmonton, leaving my previous wonderful chiropractor back in Winnipeg and so I am delighted to find the same care here that I left behind.
~Martha B.

Feeling So Much Better

I was very uneasy about it at first because I heard some ridiculous stories about what harm might potentially happen, but the whole team listened to my concerns without judgement and addressed them with knowledge, humor and compassion. I am already feeling so much better!
~Trudy C.

Compassionate and Caring

I was looking for a chiropractor I could trust. I found Dr. Ken though the internet. I went in barely walking and in lots of pain. He was very compassionate and caring and very gentle. I have complete trust in him and would recommend anyone who needs help to see him. Thank you Dr. Ken for your patience and compassion.
~Angela M.

Excellent Visit

First visit I was provided with all the information and tools that I needed to deal with the consequences of a vehicle collision that wasn’t my fault. An overall excellent experience.
~Steven S.

Felt Comfortable

My first experience with a chiropractor years ago was not a pleasant one so when I came to Dr Chan I told him about it and he took the time to explain things and make me feel comfortable. I really appreciate being listened to and I look forward to working with Dr Chan to heal my back!
~Cheyenne B.

Fabulous Doctor and Staff

Dr. Chan and his staff are all fabulous! I was very nervous about going to see a chiropractor, but Dr. Chan made me feel at ease. One thing is I find sometimes when you see specialists, they try and rush you through the appointment, but he was very thorough and explained everything. Also Kim is wonderful to deal with; whether it be to make an appointment or making sure you are covered by your benefits!
~Sabrina C.

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